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Waxing is essential for the removal of unwanted hair, another benefit is that it also aids in the removal of dead skin cells leaving the skin silky smooth.

At Beaute Empire we understand this treatment can be uncomfortable for some, so we use a gentle soft wax on the delicate areas such as face, underarm and bikini.

Strip wax is used on area's such as the leg, arm, chest and back. We always finished off with soothing oil, warm towels and a calming cream.

Our trained therapists uphold a high standard of quality work and hygiene practices for all clients and our waxing services are available to both our male and female clientele.

Spa Hands and Feet

Your hands and feet do a lot for you, everyday. Give them the pampering they deserve with our special treatments designed to help you care for your nails and skin.

You can relax and enjoy a simple file buff and polish, or step up your service with an exfoliation, buffing and massage treatment with the Spa manicure, Spa pedicure or indulge with exfoliation, massage and a divine Paraffin mask in the Deluxe Spa Manicure or Deluxe Spa Pedicure treatment.

We have two spa pedicure chairs and take appointments so you and a friend can both put your best feet forward together.

All hand and feet treatments involve nail shaping, cuticle work and nail polish of your choice but if would like to add any extras such as French polish or the fabulous shellac to your treatment please advise us as we will need to book in extra time.

Cosmetic injections

Wonderful non-surgical procedures for both women and men that can help you to look younger and healthier. Beaute' Empire offer the services of Dr Kate Howsan for all your cosmetic anti-wrinkle needs. We offer treatments to smooth out deep smile lines, define lips, correct smokers' lines and reduce acne scars, Wrinkle Reduction Treatments to smooth out expression lines around the eyes, forehead and nose.

Cosmetic Injectables are a relatively fast method of restoring a youthful appearance.However, if you are considering muscle relaxant or Dermal Fillers, we do recommend a chemical peel and microdermabrasion one week prior to treatment. Loose and dead cells are removed and your skin will be freshly prepared for the injectables, which will give you a long lasting result. Injectables are all about getting the most natural and aesthetically pleasing result in facial rejuvenation.Focusing on proportion eg: balancing the lips with the eyes and nose or softening forehead wrinkles..


Whether it's just the basics you require or a glamorous look for a fashion shoot, a formal look for a function, corporate event, photos, or just pure beauty for those all-important wedding photos, the makeup artists at Beaute Empire will have you looking and feeling beautiful.

We provide lessons for the individual or group and have VIP makeup events regularly throughout the year. These events are posted on facebook and emailed out to those interested in attending. Please register your interest in salon.

Be assured your Beaute Empire experience will leave you completely satisfied and thrilled, giving you the natural and radiant beauty that every girl craves.

At Beaute Empire we use, are trained with and love Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup; It is a responsible extension of skin care, each product in the Jane Iredale line exists to enhance the user's life through its effectiveness, simplicity and intelligence. Developed in tandem with plastic surgeons and dermatologists, Jane Iredale goes beyond the already rigorous required sensitivity and safety tests to ensure that her makeup is as good for your skin as it is for the earth. Imagined with passion, researched with integrity, and developed with patience, the Jane Iredale difference is visible on your skin... and in your life.

Spray Tanning

Spray Tanning and Self Applied Creamy Build a Tan

Beaute Empire is famous for providing a natural looking spray tan. We use a top quality tanning solution that gives the most natural beautiful colour with NO ORANGE UNDERTONES.

Your tan will fade out evenly, is long lasting, does not have a strong odour and you can wash after just 2 hours.

A full body exfoliation before your tan will ensure an even look & longer lasting tan.

Facial Treatments

See the Results. Feel the Difference.

Taking time to get a facial may seem like an indulgence to some, but after experiencing one of our treatments we think you will agree that it is a vital component to a healthy state of skin and mind.

All treatments are offered by Fully Qualified Estheticians, are results driven and include a graceful and generous massage combined with some of the finest skin care products available.

We have an extensive facial treatment menu but it is our pleasure to custom design a specialized facial treatment for your particular needs using the finest skin care products and latest techniques.

A consultation and skin analysis prior to the treatment will help identify your concerns and the appropriate treatment needed.


At Beaute Empire we provide soothing therapeutic massage and hot stone therapy designed to restore the circulation to your muscles and joints and to induce relaxation. You'll lose all that tightness and emerge as relaxed as a baby.

Whether you have 1/2 an hour, ¾ hour or a full hour, maybe you want just your back, maybe your back neck and scalp or your whole body we can provide a relaxation massage to suit.

Cosmetic Tattooing

The most common areas where cosmetic tattooing is performed is the eyebrows, eye lines and lip lines. Cosmetic tattooing or micro pigmentation, is the process of implanting cosmetic pigments into the dermis layer of the skin to improve one’s appearance, replace natural hair loss, and save time compared to traditional makeup Adrienne Jane uses state-of-the-art anti-pain protocol which involves a highly effective analgesic ointment, giving your Cosmetic Tattooing procedure ultimate comfort. After Care, eye drops and other anti-inflammatory products are included in the treatment.

A follow up treatment 4-6 weeks after your initial appointment is essential to have as Cosmetic Tattooing is a two stage process initially followed by annual pigment boosts, This is to keep your treatment looking fresh & colour balanced .

Body Treatments

Body treatments are essentially a facial for your whole body and will leave your skin feeling velvety smooth and soft and your body totally refreshed and relaxed.

We have relaxing and nurturing cocoon wraps aswell as invigorating treatments to delight the senses as well as the body.

Our body exfoliations and wraps are a perfect experience to have on their own or to have combined with a facial or massage for the ultimate pamper package.

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